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    Default SQL Server 2000 - general newbie questions

    Hi guys,<BR>I have just recently moved from access to SQL server for my web based app. Being completely new with SQL server, Im just wanting to know where I can source good newbie based information on how to get started and good practices and procedures to follow. I understand that this is moreso an asp driven forum rather than &#039;how to admin sql server&#039; so would like to know where to begin looking.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>John

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    Default www.sqlteam.com

    They are dedicated to SQL Server. Good place to at least start looking.<BR><BR>

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    Default Thanks Bill...I posted on ....

    ....www.sqlmag.com with a question similiar to the one I posted here, and believe it or not it was DELETED!...go figure?<BR><BR>John

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