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    Hopefully someone here could help. I&#039;ve built a single, static web page for a deisgner friend<BR><BR>She wants to email this page as a web page to people, but whenever we try it comes through as an attachment or without the coding. I&#039;ve tried sending the page as an email from the file menu in IE6 - this attached an xml file to an email but didn&#039;t allow the page to be opened. I&#039;ve tried creating a new message from the web page through OE, this kind of works, but the MIME header seems to be getting in the way - when the email is opened, the user has to click on &#039;view as web page&#039; or if they&#039;re using hotmail, they have to click on the &#039;content type:text/html&#039; link (one of three very inocuous content type links that are displayed). I&#039;m starting to pull my hair out.<BR><BR>Does anyone have any ideas?

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    Default This is a problem that has to do with...

    ...the e-mail client you use to send the e-mail with and the client that the recipient uses.<BR><BR>I have had to struggle with this before and didn&#039;t find a solution is fool-proof. You will find the most compatible way of sending HTML e-mails is through an on-line service such as, but even then it&#039;ll depend on the recipient&#039;s client as to what gets through.<BR><BR>There are still many people out there using HTML-incompatible clients, so you&#039;ll either have to have a plain text version included in your e-mail, or you give up sending HTML e-mails and just send the page as an attachment.<BR><BR>As I said, there&#039;s no solution that works 100%.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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