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    I&#039;m using a simple "get" method on a page, and I get an error:<BR>Error Type:<BR>msxml3.dll (0x80070005)<BR>Access is denied. <BR><BR>my code is:<BR>Set XML = Server.CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP") <BR>xml.Open "GET", "", false<BR>xml.Send<BR>body = xml.responseText<BR>RESPONSE.WRITE BODY<BR><BR>Any ideas? It used to work for me, and now it doesn&#039;t.

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    I had a similar problem. It was to do with the firewall settings on our server.<BR><BR>It seems it would only allow a GET request to an external server if this server had an open session on our system.<BR><BR>As this is not the case when an XMLHTTP GET request is made the server blocks the request. You can change this in the local firewall settings

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