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    Hello Everyone,<BR> <BR>I am running IIS 4 with a backend database of MS Access,<BR>strangely enough IIS is returning HTTP 500 internal server error.<BR> <BR>After many tests, I noticed that IIS is not serving ASP pages anymore though it is serving html pages.<BR>More than that, I created another website under IIS, and I was able to run ASP pages under it.<BR> <BR>I have noticed that the same page renamed from .htm to .asp will give the same error message.<BR><BR>What could be the problem ???<BR>My site is down right now because of this 500 error message, though other websites under the same IIS are working perfectly !!!<BR> <BR>Any clues ?? Please help.

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    Have you checked the permissions on the directory where the pages reside? I am having a similar problem as well...when you figure your&#039s out, can you post your solution??? I&#039ll do the same for you. If email is better, contact me at:<BR><BR><BR><BR>Good luck!<BR><BR>JOHN

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