string sCN;<BR>SqlConnection oCN<BR>string sCN;<BR>SqlConnection oCN;<BR>SqlCommand oCMD;<BR>System.Xml.XmlTextReader oXR;<BR>DataSet oDS = new DataSet();<BR>sCN = "data source=HPNOTEBOOK\VSdotNET;initial catalog=Sigecom;integrated security=SSPI;" +<BR>"persist security info=False;workstation id=HPNOTEBOOK;packet size=4096";<BR> <BR>I am having trouble reading all the rows out of an for XML Auto statment in ASP.NET-C#. It only reads one row from the query. Can anyone tell what I am doing wrong from my code. <BR><BR>oCN = new SqlConnection(sCN);<BR>oCMD = new SqlCommand("Select * FROM Members FOR XML AUTO",oCN);<BR>//I have tried both of these statements, neither one works properly<BR>//oCMD = new SqlCommand("Select 1 as Tag, NULL as Parent, MemberID as [Member!1!ID], FirstName AS [Member!2!FirstName] From Members UNION ALL SELECT 2,1, MemberID, FirstName From Members Where MemberID=MemberID FOR XML Explicit", oCN);<BR>oCMD.Connection.Open();<BR>oXR = (XmlTextReader)oCMD.ExecuteXmlReader();<BR>oDS.Rea dXml(oXR, XmlReadMode.Auto);<BR>WriteSchemaWithXmlTextWriter (oDS);<BR>oDS.WriteXml("c:\inetpub\wwwroot\4330pro ject\bin\XMLTest.xml");<BR>DataGrid1.DataSource=oD S;<BR>DataGrid1.DataBind();<BR>oCN.Close(); <BR><BR>Darren Dorlando