How does one generate a continuous subform (as in Access) in .ASP?<BR><BR>**please keep in mind - I&#039m a newbie at this.....<BR><BR>I have an Access database with two tables in it. The first table, Transmittals, contains a primary key (TRANS_NUM) that corresponds to a foreign key in the second table, Transfers.<BR><BR>The tables use a right join - there will be one record in Transmittals that will correspond to many records in Transfers, connected by the TRANS_NUM field.<BR><BR>I have an initial form that collects all of the information for the Transmittal table, but am now stuck on how to populate the Transfers table. Here&#039s how it looks:<BR><BR>transAddForm.ASP - contains all inputs for the Transmittal table, and (at this time) only one record for the Transfers table, posts to transAddEngine.ASP<BR><BR>transAddEngine.ASP - collects information from transAddForm, adds to both Transmittals and Transfers, generates TRANS_NUM based off of that info+an Autonum from the Access db, assigns TRANS_NUM to a session variable and posts to transView.ASP<BR><BR>transView.ASP - pulls the newly entered information from Transmittals/Transfers based on the Session variable TRANS_NUM and lists all applicable records from both tables.<BR><BR>The problem that I am now encountering is this:<BR>Once the user enters information for the Transmittals database on transAddForm.ASP and the TRANS_NUM variable is calculated in transAddEngine.ASP, the user should be able to enter any number of records (which will all contain the same fieldnames, just different values for each record) for the Transfers table. In Access, this random number entry was handled through a continuous subform. <BR><BR>I&#039d appreciate any help that anyone can give me.<BR><BR>Carrie Hopkins<BR>