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    I have been thinking about switching from Access 2000 to SQL Server since my web host features SQL Server. I currently have about 4 tables within my Access Database and relationships between the tables. I do not have a lot of records in each table right now, maybe 50 or 60 per table at most. Im not familiar with SQL Server at all, but would like to start migrating to it now. I guess the questions I have are:<BR><BR>-Is this going to be a major headache or just a few minor changes?<BR>-How much re-coding am I going to have to do to my ASP pages?<BR>-How will this effect my autonumber fields?<BR>-How will this effect my relationships I have?<BR><BR>Thanks.<BR>

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    Assuming you have your connection in an include then no problem<BR><BR>Autonumber is ok too. import into SQL Server with it switched off then when you have data in set the auto numbering on<BR><BR>What happens between two concenting adults is not affected by the DB (oh sorry)<BR><BR>You can make a Diagram as in access<BR>

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