PLEASE HELP ME!!! I REALLY NEED TO DO THIS:<BR><BR>I have a page with 3 frames, each one with asp pages inside.<BR>I am using a application variable that I set the initial value in the page<BR>containing the frames(main page).<BR>I want to show the valua of the variable on the third frame.<BR>I want to put a button in the middle frame that whene the user hits it<BR>this button increment tha value of the variable and show its value in the third frame.<BR>Until now, when the page loads it charge the value of the variable and puts it<BR>on the third frame, but qhen I hit the button in the middle frame, the number of<BR>the value showed in the third frame DISAPEARS!.<BR>I also want to control that variable depending on if the user checks some chek boxes<BR>in the middle frame.for example, if the user checks 3 of 10 check boxes, I want<BR>to count them and show it in the thrid frame.<BR>I apreciate if somebody can help me with this.<BR>Thanks.<BR><BR>< BR>