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    I know this has been up before, but personally I never got it to work.<BR><BR>Does anyone know how I can get the time a user leaves the site, or at least his session times out.<BR><BR>In the past I&#039;ve tried session onend in the global.asa, witch I couldn&#039;t get to work. At the moment I&#039;m opening a popup onunload, but I still get a lot of blanks.<BR><BR>I would appreciate the help.

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    Default Not really.

    Do a search of this forum - there are lots of people that have asked the same.<BR><BR>Do a search of Google.<BR><BR>Really, it&#039;s not possible to always catch the session end. In fact, it&#039;s nigh-on impossible. The only thing you can do is to update a DB every time a request is made. Note that their session is still "live" at this time (using a datetime field).<BR><BR>Then have a script that runs every minute or two minutes or something that checks t see if the last time that field was updated is greater than the script timeout. If it is, log &#039;em out.<BR><BR>Not nice or neat, but it WILL work.<BR><BR>Craig.

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    Default You actually don't even..

    .. need to make a request on EVERY request.<BR><BR>If you time them out, you lower the stress on your DB & can still accomplish the same thing.<BR><BR>Bill and I had a discussion this a long time ago.

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