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    Hi!<BR><BR>I posted the following question in the asp q & a but couldnt get any help there. Can somebody please help me?<BR><BR>*************************************** ************<BR>I&#039;ve tried to get my IIS working on my XP HomeEdition following this article: <BR> <BR><BR>After I did everything as explained in the article, I was unable to select the check-boxes, even though the entrys showed up in Add/Remove Windows Components. Does anyone have any idea as to why they were unselectable? <BR><BR>****************************************** *********<BR><BR><BR>// 2times

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    that&#039;s a hack. IIS is unsupported under XP Home and you&#039;d be a lot better off just forking over for the upgrade. really - you would.<BR><BR>for a start you&#039;ve invalidated any support options you have with Home by hacking this in.

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