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    I am creating a work.application in my asp and when tested on my server it opens the word application for the user to use. However when I use this code on another server it doesnt display the word application. Is there something I need to check on the second server ? Here is my code. Any help would be appreciated. <BR><BR> Set wApp = CreateObject("Word.Application")<BR> wApp.Visible = True<BR> wApp.Documents.Add "temaplate1.dot&#039;<BR> wApp.Documents(1).Activate<BR> Set wApp = Nothing<BR><BR>Thanx

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    not really advanced.<BR><BR>1. it&#039;s not clear if this is server-side or client-side code<BR>2. if server-side code, why are you surprised it doesn&#039;t show up?<BR>3. if client-side, this is likely to be a security issue.<BR><BR>if you&#039;re going to post in &#039;advanced&#039; please make your questions clear

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