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    I don&#039;t know if you&#039;ve had a chance to look at this : http://msdn.microsoft.com/msdntv/episode.aspx?xml=episodes/en/20031028LHORNDB/manifest.xml<BR><BR>but, DonXML and Chris Anderson call it "hash" and "pound" about 18 minutes in when showing off transparency <BR>:P

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    h t t p colon Whack Whack dub dub dub gotdotnet dot com whack team<BR><BR>LOL<BR>

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    Most Brits seem to call it "hash", and most Americans "pound".<BR><BR>That said, I&#039;ve known some Americans call it "hash" as well. But never the other way around for some reason...!<BR><BR>I read an article about why it&#039;s called octothorpe. I&#039;ll be damned if I can remember now though. I think it basically said that it was made up by the bloke that invented the telephone because he wanted an impressive-sounding term for it...!<BR><BR>Craig.

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    Ya we had a discussion about it the other day.<BR>I think hash is the shortened/modern form of "cross hatch".<BR><BR>How about whack instead of forward slash?

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