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    I am basically an asp programmer<BR><BR>i have a user registration form now i have to put all data from form and put it in database. i am quite confused as to how to do it in using<BR><BR>either use;<BR> 2 aspx pages or one<BR>code behind or inline page coding<BR><BR>can someone clear me out.<BR><BR>

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    Both questions are sort of personal preference.<BR>I prefer code-behind for intellisence etc. <BR>If you are using VisualStudio, go with code behind, for WebMatrix it will be inline.<BR><BR>Before struggling too much with the new data classes, if you are using SQL Server (or MSDE) use the data access application block.<BR><BR>I keep bumping the thread Accessing Data with ADO.NET at the bottom of the page, have a look at it.<BR>

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