HOW can I send email to a 3rd party using ASP CDO

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Thread: HOW can I send email to a 3rd party using ASP CDO

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    Default HOW can I send email to a 3rd party using ASP CDO

    Hi board,<BR><BR>having a wee problem. I am using the CDOSYS to send email from my site,which is fine when its coming to me via the site. As soon as I want someone to be able to send to a third person through the site it bombs out at the &#039;.send&#039; in the code. <BR><BR>As an example of how I want to use this; a registered memeber on the site has seen something of interest on the site and wants to forward the details onto someone. At present they can&#039;t because the email address of the person to whom it is sent is not made up of that of the domain of the site which they are sending from. Only a registerd user can send the details all other visitors can only email us.<BR><BR>This must be something on the server I think to prevent third party email use of the mail server. Is there a safe way of getting this feature disabled so I can allow users to send email through my site. <BR>I have written to the host but no response yet.<BR><BR>thanks

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    Default I'm not an expert on this, but...

    ...our host allows us to send e-mail to third parties, as long as the sender is from the current domain. We use this for our "E-mail this story to a friend" feature, where visitors to our website can e-mail a story from our news archive to one of their friends. They can put any e-mail address they like and the server sends it out without problems.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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