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    if you have lots of querystrings going on, on a page is there anyway of checking to see if the QS is still there, otherwise ending up with a duplicate QS if the same link?<BR><BR>?id=2&id=3

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    Default how do you mean?

    Usually if you have multiple querystrings coming in like that they are seporated by commas<BR><BR>like<BR><BR>response.write(id) would return<BR>2,3 (in your example)<BR><BR>You should be able to track your own query strings tho, how about a code example to show where you are getting hung at?<BR>

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    As wholsea said you should be able to track them from one page to another...<BR><BR>But, if your really talking alot, and (might not use some on certain pages) so it&#039;s not processed and forwarded to next page<BR>then yes there is an easy way to check.<BR><BR>Get the full Querystring and every name/value into 1 variable<BR>then use the inStr Function to check for it....<BR><BR>dim strAllMyQuerystring<BR><BR>strAllMyQuerystring = Request.Servervariables("QUERY_STRING")<BR><BR>Req uest.Servervariables("QUERY_STRING") gets everything "After the ? "<BR>(The full querystring)<BR><BR>IF inStr(Request.Servervariables("QUERY_STRING"), "ID") = 0 THEN<BR>&#039;You dont have it there<BR>Else<BR>&#039;It does exist<BR>End IF<BR> <BR>

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