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    ASP pages can be hosted on a Linux/Unix server right? There is some software called Chillisoft? How well does this work? Also... ASP pages will work with a MySQL database... what differences, if any, are there in connecting to a MySQL database other than the connection string? I'm thinking about switching hosts, but the one I want to switch to is Linux only company. I'm just wondering if there will be any problems switching.

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    Chilli soft is now Sun ONE Active Server Pages 4.0<BR>

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    Whether or not Chilisoft will work for you or not depends very much on whether or not you use any non-standard COM objects, like ASPUpload or anything like that.<BR><BR>Anything COM won&#039;t work on Chili. However, if you&#039;re just doing regular ASP stuff - DB connectivity etc - you should be fine.<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Rob

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