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    Zola Guest

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    This is off-topic, but since some of the people here are very advanced programmers,I thought it would be worth running it by you guys in the hopes that SOMEONE knows something.<BR><BR>I have an ISP who uses Windows NT exclusively. I have e-mail addresses on 5 different servers, including one for my ISP. They recently changed the dial-up number. Since the change, I cannot send mail through any mail server except for my ISP. I can check all the accounts just fine, so the incoming mail is not a problem. It is just outgoing.<BR><BR>If I try to telnet in to any mail server other than my ISP&#039s, it gives me an error message saying it could not establish a connection to the mail server.<BR><BR>If I use the old number, or connect to my alternate ISP, I have no such problems. I can telnet in, send mail, everything.<BR><BR>At first they tried to tell me the problem was with the other mail servers. I said I thought it was highly unlikely that two companies a couple of thousand miles apart would start experiencing the exact same problem, especially when I could use the old number and have everything work.<BR><BR>Next they tried to tell me it was my mail program, Eudora. I uninstalled Eudora and deleted all registry entries, then installed Outlook Express. I still could not send mail out to my other mail servers. <BR><BR>If anyone has ANY IDEA what the matter might be, please respond! If you don&#039t want to clutter up the board, you are welcome to e-mail me directly at zola@capeonramp.com.<BR><BR>Your help is enormously appreciated!<BR><BR>Zola

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    e Guest

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    I worked for an ISP for 2 1/2 years and this<BR>Seems pretty simple. The ISP is blocking <BR>the outgoing mail to other servers. This is possible<BR>and pretty likely set up to prevent abuse or it is a mistake in the configuration.<BR><BR>Dial up routers and IP routers can both accomplish this<BR>so it&#039s hard to say where exactly it&#039s at, but from what you<BR>described I would contact the ISP again.<BR><BR>hope I helped

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    Zola Guest

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    Well, I will try...I hope they can fix it or I will have to find another ISP. =( Thanks for responding.

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    Norman King Guest

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    I have changed ISPs many times because of problems like that or also poor service.<BR><BR>Some ISPS take forever to establish a connection or kick me off while making a connection. Yet others log me in right away with no problems. They almost all run the same software and use the same modems, but it comes down to the configuration I guess?<BR><BR>Go to http://www.hotmail.com and then use their POPMail option and enter in your POP3 Server Name, and password and see if it can read your e-mail from there. <BR><BR>Also http://mail.yahoo.com has the ability to read/write POP3/SMTP servers. But with Yahoo, you can customize the return address to be one of your other addresses.<BR><BR>Sometimes the free e-mail can help. I hope this helps you.

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