I have just imported an access database across to SQL server and have recieved the following error...<BR><BR>"Error at Destination for Row Number 1. Errors encountered so far in this task: 1. Insert Error, column 11 ("time_registered&#039; DBTYPE_DB_TIMESTAMP), status 6: Data overflow. Invalid character value for cast specification."<BR><BR>The column mentioned is a simple general long date as far as I can see. Here are the details....<BR><BR>*time_registered*<BR><BR>Format - General Date<BR>Input Mask - <BR>Caption - <BR>Default Value - Time()<BR>Validation Rule - <BR>Validation Text - <BR>Required - No<BR>Indexed - No<BR>IME Mode - No Control<BR>IME Sentence Mode - None<BR><BR><BR><BR>Thanks guys,<BR>John <BR><BR><BR>