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    Default DB2 performance

    We use DB2 as our primary database existing on Mainframe. Most of our applications are mainframe based and we are tying to move towards web now. Our database administrator is saying like this.<BR>----<BR>I can&#039;t guarantee the performance of DB2 and so the webpage execution times because there is no pre compilation, bind and packages availabe for web calls just like any other COBOL programs existing on mainframe. <BR>----<BR>He is basically inclined to mainframe and do not want to move towards web. I do not have any answer to that because I am basically application development side. Can anybody give any suggestion how to handle this situation? How to improve the performance or how to maintain consistancy on DB2 performance which is existing on mainframe for web. Your help is greatly appreciated. thanks..JY

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    Default Middleware?

    Maybe write a com object with standard functionality behind it, pass your queries through the middleware, so as not to directly attach your page to the back end database. The middleware should have standard input/output params, thus standardizing the interaction with the database...<BR><BR>It all depends on what exactly you are trying to do.<BR><BR>

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