Hi! <BR><BR>Is there a way that I can display text or highlight dates that are having events in the mobile web calendar control? <BR><BR>What I&#039;d really like to do is having the results of a database search displayed in the calendar. That is, read from the database and get back all the events of the month (lets say) December, then have the calendar displaying them (or highlighting the dates) so when I look at the month of December 2003, 16, I can have a text says: Day of Reconciliation (or the date highlighted if no text). That&#039;s what I&#039;d like to have but I found out that mobile web calendar does not have a DayRender event and I don&#039;t know if it&#039;s even possible with mobile web calendar control (or is it possible to create a DayRender event for mobile web calendar or a new control that will do this). If possible, where to find code on how to do it. (I&#039;m using Visual basic) <BR><BR>If you have any ideas please let me know. <BR><BR>Thanks