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    How can I display a complete page for say 5 seconds then redirect the user to another page. The purpose of this setup is to show the user something like "You successfully added a record" for some seconds then redirect himher to the main page.<BR><BR>Appreciate any help.

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    Default you can't with ASP....

    ...but you can with client-side JavaScript / DHTML. Investigate window.setTimeout<BR><BR>(go to and click on Learn DHTML - you&#039;ll find a good example of setTimeout in the "DOM Window" section).<BR><BR>Alternatively, if you&#039;re using Dreamweaver, you could cheat and use its off-the-peg Timeline "behaviour". Codewise, it&#039;s messy, but it is easy.<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Rob<BR><BR>

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    Default Or you could use a META refresh...

    ...tag:<BR><BR>&#060;META HTTP-EQUIV=Refresh CONTENT="5; URL="&#062;<BR><BR>This would load the page thenewpage.html at domain five seconds after the current page has loaded.<BR><BR>Check out <BR> for more information.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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