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    An intranet system I developed and deployed is having some problems sometimes with some ASP pages.<BR><BR>The 500 error page comes up showing<BR><BR> HTTP 500.100 - Internal Server Error - ASP error<BR> Internet Information Services<BR><BR>and dutifully reports details like...<BR><BR>Error Type:<BR> (0x80020009)<BR> Exception occurred. <BR><BR>and the line number they occured on.<BR><BR>problem is the error are happening on lines with code like<BR><BR>Response.Write(optStr)<BR><BR>and don&#039;t seem to be related to any database issues.<BR><BR>in fact so far i have not seen the same line of code get tagged as the problem twice and it seems to affect any page regardless of whether it is using the database or not.<BR><BR>worse as i said before i would say 95% of the page loads are successful. the errors just seem to happen sometime and I don&#039;t understand why.<BR><BR>the pages are being served on a Windows 2000 workstation and as of yet i am unable to re-create the errors on either my NT4 Server box or my own 2000 workstation.<BR><BR>so i really am stuck with the possibility that&#039;s its a bug in ASP somewhere. has anyone heard of behaviour like this. is there a service pack somewhere that should be installed that addresses this issue?<BR><BR>any help would be greatly appreciated as currently i am flumoxxed.

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    update your MDAC. this is the stock answer and usually does the trick, but you should also consider other solutions as outlined at and

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