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    Tam Nguyen Guest

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    Hello,<BR><BR>Can someone show me how to display the last record on the Access database online using ASP and ADO? I only want to display the most recent record online. Thank you.

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    Jason Miller Guest

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    select top 1 &#060;columns or *&#062; from [tableName] &#060;where clause&#062; order by &#060;timeStamp or something&#062; desc

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    Tam Nguyen Guest

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    Thanks for replying. I did try to use the SQL you told me but it displays the whole records in the database with descending order. However, I only want to display the most recent record. In other words, I want to display one last record (recent update) only. Please help. I know I can do it in Access using Max to pick up the most recent record or Min for the the first record(oldest record). Thanks alot.

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