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    Hi,<BR><BR>Just a simple question. If I am running a &#039;For&#039; &#039;Next&#039; statement to display say...10000 different row of data. ASP normally will process the whole lot and display it in one go. (even if I use response.write in each iteration). There must be a way to get it display one by one instantly as it&#039;s going through the loop?<BR><BR>Many thanks<BR><BR>James

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    for i = 0 to 1000<BR>response.write "hi "<BR>response.flush<BR>next

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    Default Just FYI, for this to..

    .. work, you can&#039;t have your data in a table.<BR><BR>The browser will queue up the display until it gets a &#060;/table&#062; tag.

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