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Thread: Server.CreateObject("Membership.verifusr.1")

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    Default Server.CreateObject("Membership.verifusr.1")

    Hi,<BR><BR>The following code is used in ASP.<BR><BR>set oVerify = Server.CreateObject("Membership.verifusr.1")<BR>st rURL = Request.QueryString("URL")<BR>strUserName = "00000qhRncpXX" <BR>strPassword = "tpf458" <BR>strOriginalURL = oVerify.VerifyCredentials(strUsername, strPassword, strUrl)<BR><BR>Can someone give me the equivalent in .Net<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR><BR>Simhan<BR><BR>

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    What is it?<BR><BR>Use VS.Net and add a reference to the COM dll. VS will take care of the wrapper.

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