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    2 Problems..<BR><BR>While trying to execute an .apsx page in VS.Net, I keep getting an error message saying "The member does not belong to Debugger Users group". <BR><BR>On more closer look, I found an empty User.Identity.Name value. I dont know why that would be empty.<BR><BR>So I changed the virtual directory authentication properties to enable Basic authentication and disable anonymous access.<BR><BR>But now, everytime I try to open an local aspx page or while openning VS.Net, I&#039;m get a windows authentication login prompt. I looked up on the internet but couldnt find any work around to bypass the pop up.<BR><BR>Any reasons how I can get over these security issues.<BR><BR>Sure will prefer if someone can answer me a fix for my first question.

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    "execute an .apsx page in VS.Net" : Do you mean debug??<BR>The site must allow windows auth and you (your user) must be in the Debugger Users Group.

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