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    I have a problem with Session. in my home page i have one login box ie. username & password. after the entry i am storing the datas in sessions . after checking the validity of the username & password i am redirecting to second.aspx page. From this page if i am going back using Alt+back arrow key i need to make the sessions values null. what i meant is if i came back to the home and then again i am using alt+forwad arrow key i dont want to go the sencond page.(it should ask for the username & passworde again)<BR> what i tried is on the page load of home.aspx i wrote Session["username"]= "";<BR>Session["password"]="";<BR>then onclick of the login button i wrote the code for checking the uid and password then redirecting..<BR> i am not getting the proper result. when i am using the keys to go back and forward the page is not refreshing(its not reloading actually). and the sessions are keeping thier values. (in the second page&#039;s onload event i wrote <BR> if(Session["username"]=="")<BR> Response.Redirect("home.aspx");<BR>Any one knows the solution?....

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    The back and forward buttons on your browser are beyond the control of the web-server.<BR><BR>I&#039;m pretty sure this kind of issue is covered in the FAQ (Nature of Things et al), try perusing them.

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