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    Patty Guest

    Default 2 tables or 2 columns ?

    I have a site that uses a MsAccess database. The web site is already made in english and the asp scripts reffere to data in tables that are ONLY in english at the moment. Now, We are adding a french version of the site. My question is:<BR><BR>Is it better that I use 2 different tables in my database<BR>table1=english data, (already created)<BR>table2=french data <BR><BR>or should I simply use 1 table that contains 2 columns,<BR>table1<BR>------<BR>column1=english data<BR>column2=french data<BR><BR>Which is better and why ?<BR>Any help would be very much appreciated.<BR>Thank you in advance.<BR>Patty

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    Jason Miller Guest

    Default 2 Columns Recommendation

    If you&#039ve got an translator function (like a babelfish), I would put them in the same table (two columns). This is so that you can have a simple update for any object:<BR><BR>update [content] set eng=&#039" & strIn & "&#039, fre=&#039" & frechFry(strIn) & "&#039 where contentID = " & x<BR><BR>If, however, there can be any discrepencies in information between the two sites (the translation is not exact), I would suggest putting them in separate tables for upgradability (if you add more columns in the future).<BR><BR>[ As far as the frenchFry function -- it&#039s a joke. I&#039m not a racist, nor do I have the code. Okay? Good. ]

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