Does anyone have a copy or know where I can get an installation executable for chiliReports 2.0 from chili!soft. The company I&#039;m working for bought a copy several years ago, then moved their datacenter and lost the installation in the process. I have the registration e-mail that was sent to them with the unlocking code so we just need the trial installation executable. Chilisoft was apparently bought by Sun, and chiliReports is not supported. Since all I need is the "Trial version" that I can then unlock with the unlock code they own, there aren&#039;t any copyright issues. <BR> <BR>I even ordered an old "Using Visual Studio" book that said it had a trial version of chilireports, but it turned out to be an earlier version and wouldn&#039;t install correctly. I need version 2.0 (or perhaps 2.x)<BR> <BR>(We are trying to move several websites to some new hardware.)<BR> <BR>Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.<BR>Greg Steele