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    Repost from Sunday - no replies so I am trying again on a busier day of the week<BR><BR>I have set up a very simple site tracker. <BR><BR>Each page runs the following code, to insert basic details into a MySQL database. <BR>[code language="vbscript"]<BR>ref = request.servervariables("HTTP_REFERER") <BR>str = request.servervariables("SCRIPT_NAME") & "?" & request.servervariables("QUERY_STRING") <BR>ip = request.servervariables("REMOTE_ADDR") <BR>agt = request.servervariables("HTTP_USER_AGENT") <BR>sql = "INSERT INTO _tracker (fldurl, fldref, fldip, fldagent, fld_date, fld_time, fldsession) VALUES (&#039;"&str&"&#039;,&#039;"&ref&"&#039;,&#039;"&i p&"&#039;,&#039;"&agt&"&#039;,now(), now(), &#039;"&session.sessionID&"&#039;)" <BR>set iRS = oConn.Execute(sql) <BR>set iRS = nothing <BR>[/code]<BR>I was using the IP address as the unique field here, so that I could run off a list of pages each person visits. <BR><BR>However the problem is that I can look at any number of IP addresses and see that they visited the site at say, 11am, 3pm and 7pm. <BR><BR>It could be the case that the same person is coming back 3 times, but also it is likely that with ISPs having a pool of IP addresses, that the IP address I am looking at has been used by 3 people. <BR><BR>Do people know if there is another piece of info I could use to separate out the 3 IP addresses, in order to differentiate them? I&#039;m also adding in to the databse the HTTP_USER_AGENT but this won&#039;t be foolproof as a way to split the same IP address up into possibly 3 different users as a lot of people have the same browsers / OS. <BR><BR>Some site trackers are able to list the domain a person is visiting from - am I able to get this information using ASP? <BR><BR>I have had a good trawl through the standard server variables list - where you loop through to see all the variables using &#039;for each sv in request.servervariables&#039;. and cannot see anything extra to add in there to be able to differentiate between two users with the same IP address.<BR><BR>I also added in the sessionID, but for some users this is zero, so that also does not add anything, in terms of being able to separate out 2 users with the same ip address.<BR><BR>Thanks <BR><BR>Jim

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    &#062; Some site trackers are able to list the domain a person is visiting from<BR><BR>yup, if you don&#039;t mind a performance hit. look up &#039;reverse DNS lookup&#039; on<BR><BR>as for the shared IP thing, no there&#039;s not a lot you can do about it. besides, privacy advocates would be up in arms if you could identify users more uniquely than that (ref : media player unique IDs and so on)<BR><BR>you could drop a cookie onto the machine and use that to identify more uniquely...<BR><BR><BR>j<BR><BR><BR>j<BR><BR>

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