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    Hi<BR>I have an excel file with data. This excel file is being imported from peachtree. I then import this excel file into SQL server using the alltasks/import.. into a table i created for this purpose.<BR>everything is going fine except for 2 columns. only. no values are being imported into these 2 columns. they are originally in peachtree as decimal 25,950.00000. i dont know how the 5 decimal points came though they are otherwise set globally as 2 decimals.<BR>anyways I now have these numbers as varchars. but i still cannot import just these 2 columns.<BR>I have tried all other datatypes i know.<BR>Any help is greatly appreciated.<BR>Crystal.

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    Crystal,<BR>I don&#039;t know what peachtree is but often import export and automate Access Excel. Often problems occur due to nulls and zero length strings. Another thing to watch is Column Names (more relevant when importing to Access). The standard Access ISAM drivers look at the first few rows to determine the data type and can get it wrong.<BR>try looking at the recordset, specifically at the columns that don&#039;t import, looking for any annomolies, try importing a simple recordset of a few records and expand until it falls over.

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