Hi,<BR><BR>I&#039m developing an ASP website at present (on a Windows 98 SE machine running PWS) using ADO to examine a database (inserting, etc records using SQL statements). <BR><BR>I&#039m now trying to find an ISP which can support this (in the UK). I think i&#039ve found one but they are unsure about the ADO component of my current setup. Does ADO install as standard on a NT server with IIS4? The setup of their machine is as follows:<BR><BR>Windows NT Server 4.0 SP5<BR>IIS 4 (Option Pack)<BR>Frontpage extensions 2000 (fully compatible)<BR>Active Server Pages 4.0.2<BR>Cold Fusion 4.0.1<BR>Microsoft ADC 2.10<BR>Microsoft Access Drivers 2000<BR>Microsoft Visual Studio Libraries 6<BR>Perl 5.09<BR>Active Perl 5.09<BR>PHP 3.0.11<BR><BR>As seen in the above list ADC is referred to. I&#039m having problems located information on this. What is ADC and is it similar to ADO (or could it be a typo on their behalf?)<BR><BR>If possible please email your answers to ashley@turton.com.<BR><BR><BR>Thank-you in advance for your help<BR><BR><BR>Ashley<BR><BR><BR>