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    Hello, I own a community site where one of the prime services is to offer a place for event producers to post their events. I am looking for an application that I can modify and integrate into my site that does the following (or close to it):<BR><BR>1. Allow visitors to sign up for notifications (reminders) for events x days beforehand<BR>2. Allow event producers to create a registration form which is accessible to registrants through a specific url (something like www.mysite.com/eventname.asp)<BR>3. One event can have more than one type of registrant (workshop attendee, show attendee, vendor registration, etc.)<BR>4. Allows for an "early bird" registration discount or special fee<BR>5. Allows event producers to accept payment (PayPal)<BR>6. Various web-generated reports (paying attendees, registration forms<BR>7. Registration form emailed to producer when completed<BR>8. Email capabilities, so the organizer can email everyone signed up for reminders and registered members in case the event changes or is cancelled.<BR>9. Producer has the ability to hand-add registrants<BR>10. Ability to copy an event if it is recurring<BR>11. I must have the option to charge for these services by either:<BR> a. A per-transaction basis (a dollar fee added to transaction, not subtracted)<BR> b. A per-event basis (flat fee where the organizer can accept an infinate number of transactions)<BR><BR>My server has the following specifications:<BR><BR>SQL 2000<BR>ASP, Visual Basic (v.5.6.7), XML<BR>Jmail, ASPEmail<BR>ASP SmartUpload<BR><BR>I know this probably isn&#039;t the exact board to post this on, but I surfed through them and couldn&#039;t find a more appropriate place to post.

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    you could try www.aspin.com but it sounds like a custom job to me. I&#039;ve done something similar for a client before, though it doesn&#039;t have the exact features you want.<BR><BR><BR>j<BR>http://rtfm.atrax.co.uk/

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