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    OK .. here&#039;s another problem sort of related but not really to the thread just below. I have everything to work ok now but I have a field in my database called emailText and it is a NULL field nvarchar (50) and when I spit it out in a recordset it actually spits out 50 spaces or the text I have in the field plus what&#039;s left up to 50 spaces etc... so I have this big gap in the output.<BR><BR>ANY THOUGHTS ANYONE?

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    I would physically go into the table and look at that data in the field...<BR>I would say the spaces are being somehow added in there...<BR><BR>If it is set to allow nulls then only these 3 things can happen...<BR>1. A true null is entered...<BR>2. you enter data.<BR>3. you have defined a "Default value" for that field to use in place of a Null value...<BR><BR>And I doubt you specified all spaces as default value<BR>so probably its how you inserted the data<BR>or how your pulling it out and what your doing with it.<BR>

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