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    I have a project in front of me that requires a double-column of product list results. It will need all the functionality of the datagrid (paging, the most important). But I am not sure how to implement it. For example, has a double column on their search results page. I want to mimic this, as each product will have an image, price, description, buttons.<BR><BR>Thoughts? Clarification?<BR><BR>Thanks, Buzz

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    Check out the series of articles on DataGrid controls. You will find everything you need in those articles to do your project. heres the link:<BR><BR><BR><BR>theres all sorts of stuff in those. hope that helps!<BR><BR>As far as the pictures goes...You might want to use a dataset, and a datatable instead of a datagrid and have references to the filenames in the database and programmatically add the rest of the link...thats the way i have done stuff like this in ASP...datagrid im not sure about...

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