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    This is driving me insance<BR><BR>Can someone please explain why you don&#039t need to type "WWW" for some URLs and for most others you do. I&#039ve seen URLs&#039 which just go like this.. instead of<BR><BR>I&#039d appreciate why some pages are not html but shtml - what is shtml ??????<BR><BR>Thanks!

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    It&#039s just a way of organizing large sites. Some larger sites are actually on different computers. "" might point to one computer while "" might point to a completely different machine. "" might point to yet another machine (mail server, news server, etc). Some ISP&#039s will even give their customers web addresses like "", instead of "". Basically it&#039s just a matter of how the owner chooses to set it up.<BR><BR>Because the "www" has become so common, some people set up their servers to work with or without it, but there is no rule that says they even have to have a "www" in the address.

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