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Thread: adding price as numeric and words

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    Default adding price as numeric and words

    Is it possible to modify the code so that when user enters price<BR>10000, code automatically interprets as "ten thousand" and adds that to the table as well.<BR><BR>database is SQL server, adding price is written in stored procedure. Can this procedure be modified to insert the above functionality?<BR><BR>Currently I don&#039;t have access to stored procedure so can&#039;t post here. Can the above be done?<BR><BR>thanks in advance

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    Default Wouldn't do it in SP...

    ...though I suppose you could.<BR><BR>I show how to do it in VBScript code at<BR><BR><BR>It&#039;s the numbers to words demo.<BR><BR>It only handles positive integers. If you needed it for dollars and cents it would be easy enough to modify. Ditto for negative numbers. Arbitrary number of digits after decimal point is harder.<BR><BR><BR>

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