Problems when email .htm attachments through persi

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Thread: Problems when email .htm attachments through persi

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    Default Problems when email .htm attachments through persi

    Hi guys, <BR><BR>We have some asp code that generates x number of .html pages (application forms) and then emails them as attachments using persits (asp email). <BR><BR>Now this code works fine for us, and heaps of other clients and the attachments get through fine. <BR><BR>However we have a new client and for some reason when they send these applications to themselves they never get through. <BR><BR>Initially I was thinking it was their firewall/anti-virus solution blocking the email as it though the .htm attachments were dodgy. However if I first send the email with attachments to my work account then email it to client the files go through fine. <BR><BR>Now both my work account and asp email use the same smtp server, I guess the only different is when I send and recieve i&#039;m using a username and password for authentication, where I don&#039;t do this when i&#039;m doing a mass email out through asp email. <BR><BR>Any ideas on how to resolve this, anyone has had this or similar problems and resolved them?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR><BR>James

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    Default I presume you have tested...

    ...sending e-mails withOUT any attachments - just plain text?<BR><BR>Oliver.

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