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    I am having a hard time when doing keyword search. I am trying to make it work where when you space out two or more times in the keyword box it gives you a message to enter text. I made it to work where you only enter space multiple times or only once to popup a message - enter text, but if I type keyword (space) keyword it gives me the same message again. So if anybody have any idea on how to make that message popup only when you have two spaces together please let me know… <BR>For i = 1 to Len(oForm.Keyword.Value) <BR> sChar = Mid(oForm.Keyword.Value,i,1) <BR> If (((Cstr(sChar)) = " ") And ((Cstr(sChar)) = " ")) Then <BR> If (oForm.Keyword.Value) = "1" And (cstr(sChar)) = "." Then <BR> Else <BR> MsgBox "Enter text.",,"Search" <BR> Exit Sub <BR> End If <BR> End If<BR>

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    Why do you want this feature? I see what you are getting at but don&#039;t understand the reasoning behind it<BR><BR>

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