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    Hi, <BR><BR>I have an editable datagrid chunked into 4 pages of 15 records, each row is editable for data entry. <BR><BR>On page load, the BindData method binds the data trough a stored procedure that call in a TempTable with an identity column, it returns only the number of rows needed and calculate the first record and last record numbers for the paging function. Until here all is fine <BR><BR>The problem comes when I edit the datagrid. For the first page no problem, but as soon as I am on the second page of the datagrid and I edit a row for data entry, the OnEdit method recall the BindData wich sends me back to the first page. <BR><BR>I am left with an edited records wich is not the second page record but the first page record?? <BR><BR>How could I keep my datagrid on the correct page on Edit, knowing that my DataBind method call for the number of pages and pages number. <BR><BR>Urgent help is needed I have to roll over my project next monday. <BR><BR>slts. <BR>plm

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    How about not calling the DataBind?

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