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    i&#039;m trying to keep my site&#039;s search engine rankings up, and an important part of that process is not allow links to break. I&#039;m also changing lots of filenames at the same time. So I had been using this solutions:<BR><BR>When I rename a file, I keep a copy of the old file, with the old filename on the server. I replace it&#039;s contents with a &#060;%server.redirect "newfilename.asp"%&#062;<BR><BR>My first question is, search engines will still see the old page as it always existed right? No broken link, no loss of search engine ratings?<BR><BR>Now in the future, bcs this type of technique will eventually clutter up my directories with a bunch of old filenames redirecting to the new filenames, I though of implementing some code in my 404 page not found asp file which would check a database table that kept track of all the new and old filenames. If the filename is not in the database, as a new or old filename, then they get a 404 page not found message. If it is in there as an old filename then it queries the associated new filename and redirects the user to that file.<BR><BR>Now this should work for search engines as well, right? no broken links, no loss of search engine rankings?<BR><BR>As I understand it, the reason why this works is becuase the server.redirects are all being handled on the server, before the ASP code is executed, the resulting HTML buffered and flushed. Am I right?<BR><BR>Thanks for any help!

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    Default Actually, I don't think that..

    .. search engines follow Response.Redirects.<BR><BR>That&#039;s because the Response.Redirect is NOT entirely a server-side thing. When you call Response.Redirect, the server sends a HTTP status 301 (Object moved) w/ the new URL of the object. The browser then requests the NEW page.<BR><BR>A Server.Transfer is entirely server-side.

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