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    ...from the server side.<BR><BR>Here’s the problem. I need to submit information from one web server to another web server located millions of miles away. But...<BR><BR>1) Can not use the querystring to do it.<BR>2) Can not have the information located on the client side in a form.<BR>3) The only way to submit information to the second web server is by querystring or form.<BR><BR>The reason for 1 and 2 is that the user may be able to edit the information, and submit that altered information to the second web server (which would not be good).<BR><BR>The only thing I can think of how to accomplish this is to submit the form from the server side.<BR><BR>Any ideas or solutions to this, or a completely different approach would be very helpful.<BR>

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    Default You could use an XML post..

    .. and then just spit out the other server&#039;s response.

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