Hi I have a problem with the TableDefs collection of an Access 2000 DB not refreshing.<BR><BR>Within a module I create a Table "tblTempStkSht" this is then populated and used to create an XL WorkSheet. As the fields are defined dynamically depending on the data type, and then are selectively updated, I set the Default Properties of the Fields to 0 so that XL does not error.<BR>That all works fine.<BR>The code then loops depending on items selected by the User from a list box. If they are of the same structure the code clears the Tables records and re-populates it, etc.<BR>If they are of a different structure the Table is deleted and then re-constructed. When the code trys to reset the default setting (0), the TableDef returns the previous tables fields, not the new fields (I can verify the new table is constructed by openning it.<BR><BR>fld.Name returns "L2" when the new field "L6"<BR>Code:<BR>Set tdf = db.TableDefs("tblTempStkSht")<BR>For Each fld In tdf.Fields<BR> If Left(fld.Name, 1) = "L" Then<BR> fld.DefaultValue = 0<BR> End If<BR>Next fld<BR>Set tdf = Nothing<BR><BR>how can I get the tdf to refresh to the new collection?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Doug<BR>