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    I have this form and when the form is submitted it will be processed in other ASP paged which are then being directed to another page which states the error if the field are wrongly fill up by them. My problem is i have this javascript which display the field of the district according to their states. whenever the error page is being displayed ; as a result of an error occur; it will include the back button and the district won't be exactly as what the user has choose before. How to get it done? I have try using a session which hold the value of the states and the district and use it to invoke the function using onload but to no avail my effort still fail. Do you have any suggestion how to overcome this?

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    Default This sounds rather complicated... me and I don&#039;t quite follow.<BR><BR>You&#039;ve got a form with lots of fields, one of which is the district according to what they selected as their state. Then you submit the form to another page which checks all fields. If the check finds something is wrong it redirects to a third page, the error page. On this page your JavaScript doesn&#039;t work.<BR><BR>Is that right so far?<BR><BR>If so, can you post the relevant code here? Maybe the form (or only the important parts of it, if it&#039;s a long form) and the JavaScript that you use and that causes the trouble.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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