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Thread: IIS error page for 500 error

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    Default IIS error page for 500 error

    I was recently messing with IIS and custom error pages. I changed the error page for a 500 error and now I need to get it back to the standard microsoft error page. If I go in and click "set to default" I get the default"Internal Server Error" page which gives me:<BR>HTTP 500 - Internal server error <BR>Internet Information Services<BR><BR>I no longer get the detailed error type and the page and line number pointing to(or close to) the error. Am I using the proper error page for the 500 error?<BR>Is there another page , other than default which will give me back the detailed error?<BR>Thanks in Advance!

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    Default Check your browser settings.

    Go to Tools--&#062;Internet Options--&#062;Advanced Tab.<BR><BR>UNcheck the box for "Show friendly HTTP error messages".

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