Hi,<BR><BR>I can&#039;t find a way with regular expressions to replace the last occurrence of a normal space to a non-breaking space. My client dont want to have single word on a line. I did a function without regular expression, but I dont think it is the good way to do it :<BR><BR>FUNCTION OUTPUTINS(vString)<BR> DIM splitSTR, cptSplit<BR> cptSplit = 0<BR> splitSTR = SPLIT(TRIM(vString)," ") <BR> DO WHILE ubound(splitSTR) &#062;= cptSplit<BR> IF ubound(splitSTR) = cptSplit+1 THEN<BR> Response.write(splitSTR(cptSplit) & "&nbsp;")<BR> ELSE<BR> Response.write(splitSTR(cptSplit) & " ")<BR> END IF<BR> cptSplit = cptSplit + 1<BR> LOOP<BR>END FUNCTION<BR><BR>Anyone have another solution? <BR><BR>Sorry for my english, thank you<BR><BR>patrice beauvais