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    For everyone using INSERT INTO to add to the database, are you using any kind of batch replace process to replace all the &#039; in your form fields?<BR><BR>I have a long web form and it&#039;s such a tiresome process going through all of them and do a replace(request.form("blah"), "&#039;", "&#039;&#039;") .<BR>

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    How do you retrieve all the form fields if it is a long form?<BR><BR>Do you have it dynamic or do you manually name all the form requests 1 by 1?<BR>If you do it manually then yes your pretty much doing manually...<BR><BR>Or you could just build a function, but you still need to call the function with each field so makes no difference...<BR><BR>But if you do it all dynamically, then this can be done with just a couple lines of code.<BR><BR><BR>

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    Default No other way

    what i do is write a small function to replace the &#039; and add the &#039; before and after a string<BR><BR><BR>and just concatinate to the orignnal string<BR><BR><BR>yep, it is more work on the server but makes my life easy<BR><BR><BR>

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