Ok here is what I am trying to accomplish, I am pretty sure it can be done, but just haven&#039;t been able to get it to work yet. Maybe someone here can see the error of my ways. I would like to create a centalized login page for forms based auth to use across various applications on the same server (http://servername/cLog/login.aspx). In the web.config files for other apps I want to specify loginUrl="http://servername/cLog/login.aspx" or even loginUrl="../cLog/login.aspx" where the app is located at http://servername/newApp/default.aspx . I have done a lot of tests and I get redirected to the login page OK but I never get logged in even though I hit my RedirectFromLoginPage line in my code. I always get sent back to the login page like the Auth Cookie is not valid.<BR><BR>Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>P.S. Sorry for the long winded text I tried to shorten it as best I could.<BR><BR>John Ford