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    Hi,<BR><BR>im working on a site that has two frames. the frame on the left has a page with dropdownlist and never changes. when the page is loaded the frame on the right has a start page but when i select something in the dropdown list i want a new page to load there. when i select a new item in the dropdownlist the same page should be visible, but the data will change depending on which item i selected.<BR><BR>but i dont know how to get that to work!!<BR><BR>i have used response.redirect("name.aspx") but then the page open in the left frame, not the right. <BR><BR>I have given the frames specific namnes in my index.html fileĀ“.Can i use the "target"-command in some way? how??<BR><BR>isnt there anyway i can refresh an other apsx page from the apsx-page im currently using. for example, if i select a new item in the dropdownlist, can the page in the right frame be refresh with some command??<BR><BR>please help!<BR><BR>regards,<BR><BR>A.Viklund<BR>Sweden

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    You should probably do it with javscript in the browser, not with a postback.

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