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    I try to submit a form using a linkbutton. The linkbutton is placed in the HeaderTemplate of a repeater. The only thing that happens when I click the linkbutton is that the page is being reloaded, but no data posted. If I put my Linkbuton above my repeater it works perfectly.... any ideas?<BR><BR>&#060;asp:linkbutton ID="LbtOrderNo" OnCommand="OrdersSearch" CommandName="sortOrder" CommandArgument="Filename" Runat="server"&#062;Order No&#060;/asp:linkbutton&#062;

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    It&#039;s all about naming containers. If you think about it, you can have two link buttons in the same page with the same id if one is in a repeater (or composite control, datagrid...). In fact, if the linkbutton was in the item template, you could have 50 or 100 in the same name. The trick is moving between these naming containers. To go into a naming container, use findcontrol, as in:<BR><BR>((TextBox)e.FindControl("txtMyField")). Text<BR><BR>where e might be a datagridcommandeventargs or something like that. To go up a naming container, use the Parent property.<BR><BR>Your page is probably posting back but you probably aren&#039;t looking for data in the right places.

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